Little Oak teaches small, local brick and mortar business how to get online and reach their new and existing customers to continue telling their story while also reaching some of their business goals as well.

Little Oak was started by Michael Montgomery in March of 2017 who at this point has been learning, testing, tweaking, and implementing marketing strategies for the past 10 years. Be it through live streaming, standalone video tutorials or full on courses, email marketing, and utilization of virtually every popular social media platform. This length of time invested in learning the tricks of the trade has been very eye opening.

It has become very apparent that you need to have your business online in some way, at the very least a Facebook page. But owning your own website is a key to being taken seriously as a business for one (the whole world has basically moved to the internet, if you haven’t caught on yet you better catch on fast) but also because being where the peoples eyes are is the number one way to make a sale.

What if where you are at changes their rules? Maybe you get all your business by advertising a big sign that goes up on the endzone of the local highschool football field and the school decides to cancel the contract for whatever reason. What if facebook changes how pages work and now your 1 million fans don’t see anything you post? How can you protect the future of your business online? Make your website your online homebase, and engage with your clients/customers where they are at online.