We are Little Oak

Working together we help you reach new customers online!

Design To Be Proud Of

Your website and its design are customized to match your business’ brand. It gives you a solid foundation to build your online audience with! The website will automatically resize and organize itself logically to fit whatever screen it is viewed on!

Completely Customizable

The header, logo, fonts, backgrounds, content, and tons more of your site can be customized to suit your needs. Anything you want updated or changed we show you how to do or can do for you for a small hourly fee.

Planned Intelligently

We spend most of our free time playing around with new features online, trying to make our social network pages cooler, testing out some new live feature, and we use what we learn from that to give you the best direction and advice! This advice is available in our blog for free and in our courses for a small one time fee.

In-Depth Videos

Because a picture is worth a thousand words a video must be in the billions. Our point here is that sometimes it’s better to just show you how to get to the answer rather than have you read how to from a manual or eBook. If you ever have any question we don’t already have a video for submit it on the contact page and we will make one ASAP!

Clean Modern Code

Your website is built on the content management system (CMS) known as WordPress, one of the most popular and stable CMS available for you to use.

Free Updates & Support

When the code behind your site, the plugins that run the special features like backups, eCommerce, user statistics, etc, and the overall theme that sets the look of your site gets updates, we automatically update them for you and fix anything that may break because of the updates.